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Kornblatt said the marketplace lists hundreds of trainers in Chicago and a growing network in cities like Houston, Austin, Denver and New York City.The bootstrapped startup is also in the process of building out special offerings for the corporate wellness market.Finding the right personal trainer is a lot like dating.Some of us are looking for something strictly casual: meeting up after work on occasion for some new exercises and an extra push of motivation.But when I walk around campus and see how younger students use Tinder so naturally, I realize how much things have changed in just a few years. People post pictures and write short blurbs stating what they are looking for and what they are offering.It seems as cold and as distant as buying clothes from a catalogue.I met my ex-husband the old-school way at a café on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

This is the concise-yet-calculated image we project on dating apps.

When I got divorced and was ready to date again, I naïvely thought that going out and a flirty conversation would land me a date. After seven years of marriage, the dating landscape had changed so much that I just wasn’t finding the same kinds of connections in public spaces.

Reluctantly, I resorted to online dating, a platform stigmatized by my pre-Internet generation for how disconnected it seemed from reality.

“A lot of people want someone to work with for the long haul who can see them toward their goals.

That’s difficult to accomplish when jumping from trainer to trainer.” In its current iteration, Right Fit has been around since 2014.

And some trainers are better than others at dealing with that.” The training survey covers questions about fitness goals and trainer personality preferences, as well as logistical questions like where they want to train, what their budget is and whether they have a gender preference.