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" stories about the Seattle Mariners, who valiantly clawed their way to baseball's best record earlier this season, despite losing Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr. For most baseball fans, Seattle's spring surge was more inexplicable than Colby voting off Keith over Tina on "Survivor" last week.

How can a franchise prosper after losing three of the biggest stars in baseball? I have a three-word explanation for you: "The Ewing Theory." It's bigger than the "SI Jinx." It makes the "Curse of the Bambino" look like child's play.

Dave knew better; a lifelong UConn fan, he thought the Huskies relied too much on Marshall the previous season and could survive without him.

Like Ali predicting the first Liston knockout, Dave told friends the Huskies would thrive in Marshall's absence -- and that's exactly what happened. 1 in the country for the first time in school history; the Ewing Theory had been hatched.

He was born in August of 1963 and died several days afterward.

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The couple together has three children ‘Corey Ewing’, ‘Patrick Ewing Jr.’, and lastly ‘Randi Ewing’.

At a very early age, Patrick has the urge for playing various sports activities like soccer and cricket.

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