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If this is anxiety based, it might be hard for him to verbalize.After all, even though he may feel this way it's hard to make "I'm afraid the burger will give you mad cow disease and you'll die and I'll fall apart without you and this keeps me up at night" sound anything other than stupid or over dramatic.He doesn't obsess about anyone's diet besides ours so I'm inclined to believe that he does all of this because he truly cares about my wellbeing. Living a healthy lifestyle is one thing but this is an extreme I don't want to deal with anymore.I'm sure this will be brought up in the comments so I'll address the health thing as a deal breaker here. I'm actually very pleased with my relationship right now. Also, not every aspect of his health fixation is impacting our relationship negatively.Especially since you say this is the only thing he's like this about.If he were just a controlling jerk you'd think that behavior would leak into other facets of your life.Just calmly restate that you are in charge of what goes in your body. You know, if you had a serious habit of over eating or something I could see him encouraging you to eat better...But throwing a tantrum over you having one burger and straight up leaving restaraunts is not being a health nut, it sounds more like some kind of illness.

He may be a wonderful, caring person - but that doesn't mean you're obliged or equipped to handle the type of relationship this is turning into.If he tries to stop you or gets upset, calmly remind him that you're an adult and that you make your own choices.If he cries or freaks out, don't get sucked in. I know you've said you're not willing to end it over this, but this behavior is really not okay and you should take it seriously.Refrain from judging to give him a safe space to share (even though he didn't afford you the same courtesy when he found your receipt). Use this answer of his to determine where this relationship goes.

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You shouldn't be prisoner to his fears, and neither should he.Hopefully he will take his mental health as seriously as he does his physical health. Is he afraid of you leaving him - either on your own or by dying of Mc Donald's-related cancer? "I was shocked by your reaction to finding my burger receipt.

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