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Safari has a similar "Empty cache" setting in its preferences but a browser restart may also be required.

In Firefox, the offline cache data is stored separately from the Firefox profile—next to the regular disk cache: Offline Web Content and User Data See also clearing the DOM Storage data. If an application's manifest file is removed from the server, the browser removes all application caches that use that manifest, and sends an "obsoleted" event to the attribute in a web application can specify either the relative path of a cache manifest file or an absolute URL.

An application cache always includes at least one resource, identified by URI.

All resources fit into one of the following categories: section of a cache manifest file specifies resources for which a web application requires online access.

Newlines may be represented by line feed ( space between the two words), followed by zero or more space or tab characters. The remainder of the cache manifest must be comprised of zero or more of the following lines: ) section, each line is a valid URI or IRI reference to a resource to cache (no wildcard characters are allowed in this sections).

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This lets the browser's security model protect the user from potential security breaches by limiting access to approved resources.Each application cache has a state, which indicates the current condition of the cache.Caches that share the same manifest URI share the same cache state, which can be one of the following: You can programmatically test to see if an application has an updated cache manifest file, using Java Script.All resources served using this MIME type must follow the syntax for an application cache manifest, as defined in this section.

Cache manifests are UTF-8 format text files, and may optionally include a BOM character.

All requests to such resources bypass the cache, even if the user is offline.