Updating email address

24-Dec-2020 21:54

If your address has changed or will be changing, notify the university by amending your OUAC application or by contacting the Registrar's office.

Important: Please include your UOIT Student Number on all correspondence with the university.

Use the Post Office Locator to search for post offices, approved postal providers, self service kiosks, collection boxes, and other services.

Once you have all this information gathered, Customer Support should be able to help.

05/07/16Note: I’m referring to the Email address value that is listed on the user object in Active Directory, this will not effect any Exchange Settings!

A colleague asked me today if I had any Power Shell to update ALL the users in a clients AD, to match their UPN to their Email addresses.

Can't Access Email Address Registered to Blizzard Account Regaining access to a Blizzard Account when the email is not accessible.

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Failure to notify UOIT may result in a delay in receiving important information. We recommend you check your email regularly to ensure you receive information in a timely fashion.