Trophy wife dating

26-Jan-2021 07:01

Indeed the same old people would gush around letting him get the attention he was deprived of.

As compared to attractive wife, men get more attention from public talking about his luck factor.

The mysterious eyes look at you with so many unanswered questions.

It is because all these women are with some esteemed people only.

If such are the outcome sat professional front, every Man would like to have atrophy life beside her, well Lady Luck is what they say.

The Unknown Recognition Men are most amazed by the recognition they get as this department works for women.

It may happen that they used to go to same places before having a trophy wife and nobody even noticed him.

Well, on second thoughts if such opportunity is given to any of these men, they would definitely take it up, right?

All men desire beautiful women and let us be honest, men are not of romantic types but seek more for lust from women than love.

This can be one of the reasons while other can be increasing the social status.

Getting such amazing reaction and knowing they are jealous of you brings an unconditional joy within, which is why Trophy Wives are preferred.

Men think to have achieved something when such reaction he gets from his peer and social circle.

Mysterious Eyes When you walk along with your Trophy wife, people do look at her beauty but keep guessing as to whom the beauty is holding onto besides her.