Trend micro roaming mode not updating

14-Jan-2021 04:33

That would be beautiful, but to tell you the truth im quite happy with ML at the moment.From a spam management point of view im doing next to no work now, where with GFI I would spend upwards of 30mins per day trying to keep things flowing – things like reviewing the suspect spam, semi-frequent calls from users (usually a couple per day) asking if X email was blocked, updating the blacklist and keywords for common spam etc.You may find if you haven't managed the roaming profile properly, there may even be PSTs/OSTs being sent from the server to the local machine on logon, causing massive lag as they log on. With GFI I would probably get ~100 "suspect" spam per day being sent to a quarantine mail box and somewhere between 10-20 actual spam emails getting past the filter and to the end users mail box (have probably around 100 mail accounts, including aliases).With message labs hosted anti spam I see around ½ dozen suspected spam on average per day, and maybe 10 per week getting through to end users.Do you have something specific in mind that you think cached mode will help with?If so, let us know, so we can dispel the myth and give you reasons why! If cached mode is allowed, you will run out of space on that server in about 20 minutes as everyones mailboxes are cached and login twice a year to look at it.

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At this time we cannot go further without licensing.

Wazzap has summed up why users would predominantly use cached mode, though there are other reasons too. The biggest issue is that users do not understand how they work.

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