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Colletti and fellow One Tree Hill castmate James Lafferty worked on the first season of an original comedy called Everyone is Doing Great.

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He already has Coachella wristbands and he’s really pumped on it.The only fermented beverage he consumes is kombucha. He plays a high strung twelve string guitar gently with his eyes closed has been meaning to try Ayahuasca.He’s flirting with the idea of going full Soylent next month. He outsources most if not all of his daily chores to gig economy contractors because he’s just “so swamped” with a sprint at work. He has been living in a coastal city for 6 years yet has never seen the ocean. Our goal - to be the app you're proud to tell people you met on.Circa 2013, Bosworth helped kick-start Revelry House, which was like a Birchbox for party planning.

Alas, not enough customers RSVP'd and the venture sputtered after a couple years.In 2008, she started her Whitney Eve clothing collection, telling that her affordable duds are for the lady "who wants to have fun with fashion who isn't afraid to stand out a bit, but also just really wants to be comfortable." Port has played herself in various TV shows and in the 2012 film , spending her years at UCLA as a Kappa Kappa Gamma.