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15-Feb-2020 04:21

If you're just getting familiar with these concepts, please check out this overview: Getting Started with Parameters, Variables, and Configurations in SSIS 2012 (the overview blog entry has gotten to be one of my most visited pages so I figure that's a clue that I should write more on the subject, eh? SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) - Integration Services Project Create Agent Job to execute on an ongoing basis.

Associate the job to the appropriate Environment so it automatically detects values which have been set. First thing to do is determine what elements of the package you wish to be able to vary at runtime.

In this example I kept the scope at the project level, but you can set them at the individual package level when appropriate.

In the screen shot above, you'll see there's one package-level parameter that is just set to "Yes." When you see this, you might be tempted to just set the connection values here too and not bother with referencing them to the SSIS environment variables.

You can parameterize individual properties like server name, user name, catalog, if you prefer.

This connection string is using Windows authentization so it's not set to sensitive (if it were a password you'd want to set it to sensitive so that it's encrypted).

The concept of SSIS Configurations is no longer applicable with the project deployment mode as they've been replaced with SSIS Environment Variables.

I do like to set it to be Required which ensures it will be set in the SSIS Catalog before the package can be executed on the server.

For deploying to other environments like Prod, where you may need to hand off the deployment to someone else, I typically make use of the ISDeployment Wizard tool instead. Once you've deployed your project to the SSIS Catalog, you'll be able to see it in SQL Server Management Studio.

Next we want to create a new SSIS Environment (assuming it doesn't already exist).

Environments are usually called Dev, QA, Prod, that sort of thing, but they could of course be used differently in some situations.

This post discusses how to parameterize connection strings and values at runtime using SSIS environment variables. SSIS Environment Variables provide the mechanism to set values at the time a package is executed.