Sorority sisterhood speed dating

14-Apr-2020 13:33

Dealing With Disappointments Of course, not everyone gets their first choice on Bid Day, and throughout the week, some people decide that Greek Life isn’t for them.Know that whether or not you end the week by joining a sorority or not, the week of recruitment is such a small part in everything coming your way in college.She’s disaffiliated from her own chapter to support you through the recruitment process, and she’s essentially your therapist for the week.You can ask her questions about Greek Life or talk to her if you’re torn on which chapter is best for you. Yeah, overwhelming sounds like an understatement, right?

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The visits on this night are longer than Round One, but you’ll be going to fewer houses since both PNMs and chapters make cuts after each night.A silly (but totally valid) question to ask yourself is whether or not you could imagine yourself brushing your teeth or lounging around in sweatpants with the girls you met.