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15-Feb-2021 02:49

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I've never been able to find out where to actually talk to anyone related to EA who could maybe possibly address my issues. I have been searching the forums for it, but can't seem to find anything relateable to this.. Thank you again though for advising me what to do, too bad the people who are supposed to know this stuff have no clue.

:/ So this is the point where you try to log in, correct? If that does not work, just play without being logged in by clicking on "Play" here and then on "Continue Without Log In" in the next sceen here: Nothing gets lost while playing without being logged in btw. Try clearing your browser cache or use a different browser. Hello ibg, Taking a look at this, you should be good to go.

If that doesn't help, get in touch with a customer support game advisor so they can look at your account Game advisors can be found through live chat. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game. Tried getting help from a game advisor, and i have to say, they suck. Make sure you're logging in with the right email address(the same as your AHQ one), and it should launch ok. On, does the game show up on your profile page?

No help from them what so ever, and I was chatting with them for a total of four hours over two days. Logging in with the right e-mail address (as far as I know), which has always been my main.

The game launches, and I can play it, I just can't log in through the game-screen.

Before (since the launch of The Sims 3) up to a few months ago I got the error that said something like this: "Ooops...

I've also tried this through the origin client, but game still shuts down when I try to login.

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Specific Date/ Blind Date After choosing one of the Options and a Date (specific Date) you can choose the Location to meet your Date.With registering codes on ORIGIN and not being able to find your code, etc please see here: keep in mind that if you bought the game off Origin, it is AUTOMATICALLY registered FOR YOU!To get your accounts connected, simply use the same details as you use for Origin.SIM Free is literally as it sounds; a phone that is free of a SIM card.

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Unlike phones you may pick up from networks like O2, 3 and EE, which are often ‘locked’ to a certain carrier, SIM Free phones are completely ‘unlocked’ to applicable networks.

If you have bought the game second-hand - you will not be able to re-register it. For problems with worlds, please see here: more info, please see these links: to the Answer HQ!