Sign of a player dating

14-May-2020 17:46

You could write a book on why bad boys are so seductive, but you can’t avoid being attracted; you can only resist their charms.

Remember, we call them for a reason; they sneer at danger and arrogantly assume the rules don’t apply to them.

The problem is they can spend years or even playing the field with their revolving harem of women before they decide to commit, kind of like George Clooney who only recently got engaged.

Macks are cool and fun like bad boys, but they take their careers seriously and are highly successful.

In the rare case that a player move on quickly, insist on meeting their female friends.

Players usually don’t have any and if they do, you will either get a bad vibe from them or they will tip you off to the player’s game.

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Instead, his game is built around generating so much attraction in a woman that she surrenders and accepts being in his harem just to be around him.

After the essential ability to say no, being able to identify and defend yourself from the bad actors out there is the next critical skill single women need.

So whether you are a rookie or a veteran, this guide to the three most dangerous types of men in the dating jungle will help you to safely navigate these treacherous waters to the harbor of true love.

Even then, you have to be prepared to walk away—like Emma Stone was—if he starts to waver or change his mind.

Now before you get discouraged and decide to become a nun, recognize that these bad actors are only about 10 percent of the single men out there.

So dangerous and alluring, yet hard to catch and even harder to keep.

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