Shim changmin dating

02-Dec-2020 21:57

Changmin’s voice is one of the most noticeable and unique ones in K-pop according to fans and non-fans alike. , he is able to stand out for his uniqueness in tone.

Changmin’s voice sits quite high in range, but he isn’t anything more than simply a light lyric tenor, his true tone is still a manly tone, however due to the lack of chest in his mix voice, he’s been able to teach himself to sing in a much higher range than many other male K-pop vocalists, setting him apart from them in that way.

, where his C3’s are produced by lowering his larynx, creating a rather false and shallow tone, lacking true stability and a true support sound.

However so, his larynx is generally stable above D3’s, with a more present, but light heady tone.

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Changmin’s voice should allow him to develop into a leggero tenor or tenore di grazia if he were able to truly develop the coloratura potential he has in his voice.

His voice truly shows itself in his mix register by extending up to the impressive note of G5.

Changmin is one of the few male K-pop vocalists who is able to stay in such a high range constantly without great signs of fatigue over the the years.

– Had a ‘scandal’ in a Japanese paper with SHINee’s Min Ho.

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– Has least number of celebrity friends in the group. – Changmin has the highest IQ in Sm Entertainment with a score of 155.Able to go down to A2, his voice lacks volume and projection in his lower range, only truly being able to be supported around D3 and above.

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