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Tomoki Sakurai's peaceful life is now long in the past, because he has to deal with two angeloids, Ikaros and Nymph, as well as with his friends from school, all of whom are very special in their own ways.

Tomoki's recurring dream about an angel warning him from the rage of heavens is becoming very common, until one day a new angel, who is as powerful as Ikaros, arrives Earth with the sole purpose of terminating Tomoki—his dream is starting to connect both realities, the Earth and the Synapses. Tomoki still as perverted as ever is still scheming.

Hiyori's a sweet, shy girl who's used to living in the background.

Now, the wallflower is ready to bloom and reveal a big secret: she's totally infatuated with Tomoki!

They fly through the air with Syo, Kero, Spinel, Chun, and others; dance with persocoms; ride dragons; cause mayhem in a drug store; and even have to run and fight for their lives!

Can the Mokonas stay out of too much trouble as they continue their adventure across space?

As a result, Sakura's memories are scattered to different dimensions, causing her to fall into a deep sleep.Nonetheless, she remains committed to her crush and starts bonding with Ikaros, Nymph, and the gang until a sudden, tragic accident changes everything.