Send charcoal for carbon dating

08-Jul-2020 03:50

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Just as intriguing is the discovery of measurable radiocarbon in diamonds.

Creationist and evolutionary geologists agree that diamonds are formed more than 100 miles (161 km) down, deep within the earth’s upper mantle, and do not consist of organic carbon from living things.

These findings are reported in the secular scientific literature (but they are usually rejected as measurement errors).

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(This 5,730-year period is called the half-life of radiocarbon, Figure 1).1 2 At this decay rate, hardly any carbon-14 atoms will remain after only 57,300 years (or ten half-lives).Pieces of fossilized wood in Jurassic rocks, supposedly millions of years old, yielded radiocarbon “ages” of only 20,700–28,820 years.