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Produced by Charles Hopkins at various theatres (1931) starring Louis Calhern, Sylvia Field, Gladys Hanson, Jane Wyatt, Robert Vivian, Eric Blore, Nancy Kelly, etc. Various productions directed by Melvyn Douglas and Christopher Hewett. Glass Slipper, The : "A Comedy" by Ferenc Molnar ("Acting version by Philip Moeller"). Various productions (1983-86) starring Joe Mantegna, Joseph Leon, J. Walsh, James Tolkan, Howard Witt, Mike Nussbaum, Robert Prosky, Lane Smith, Vincent Gardenia, Alan Manson, Peter Falk, J. Johnston, Derek Newark, Karl Johnson, James Grant, William L. Original New York production (1983) directed by Gregory Mosher. Original 1959 production directed by Abe Burrows (Father of James Burrows). Golden Rivet, The : Book by Laurence Dobie and Robert Sloman.

Various productions (1951-65) starring Melvyn Douglas, Signe Hasso, Haila Stoddard, Fay Sappington, Tallulah Bankhead, William Roerick, Evelyn Russell, etc. Various productions (1945 - 2001) starring Laurette Taylor, Eddie Dowling, Julie Haydon, Anthony Ross, Helen Hayes, Julie Harris, Joe Sullivan, Janette Richardson, Ruth Moore Mathews, James Reid, Margaret Moore, James Daly (Father of Tyne and Timothy Daly), Lonny Chapman (Founder of the Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre, Burbank, CA), Lois Smith, George Grizzard, Pat Hingle, Piper Laurie, Maureen Stapleton, Blanche Kelly, Betty Field, Rip Torn, Paul Rudd, Pauline Lord, Edward Andrews, Peggy Wood, Jessica Tandy, Amanda Plummer (Daughter of Christopher Plummer and Tammy Grimes), Bruce Davison, John Heard, Joyce Savage, Constance Cummings, Madylon Powers, Mary Jane di Cosola, Anita Mary Steinau, Jan Miner (Most famous as "Madge, the Manicurist" on the Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent" commercials of the 1960s and 1970s), Stephen Joyce, Isa Cohen, Olive Luten, Alice Stewart, Faith Adams, Dick Owen, Jo Van Fleet, Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson (Wife of Eli Wallach), Helen Mac Kellar, Mary Doyle, Sada Thompson (Television's "Family," etc.), Rosemary Prinz, Calista Flockhart, Zeljko Ivanek, Mariam Lewis, Eugenie Yeuell, Victor Slezak, Elizabeth Ashley, Andrew Mc Carthy, Ruby Dee, Steven Dawn, Beverly Brigham Bowman, Kathryn Kelley, T. Singer and directed by Eddie Dowling and Margo Jones. Scheider (Roy Scheider), Thomas Russell and Carol Rawls, Hal March (Host of "The ,000 Question," etc.), Wayne Tippit, Dave Karp, James Mitchum (Son of Robert Mitchum), Ned Beatty, etc. Shubert Theatre (NYC - 1968) starring Steve Lawrence, Eyde Gorme, Sid Raymond, Marilyn Cooper, Scott Jacoby, Lanier Davis, Fay Sappington, etc. Songs include: "We Got Us," "I've Gotta Be Me," "Desert Moon," etc.

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Gin Game, The : "The 1978 Pulitzer Prize Play" by D. Songs include: "Night and Day," "I Still Love the Red, White and Blue," "You're in Love," "After You, Who? Gay Life, The : Book by Fay and Michael Kanin (Brother of Garson Kanin). Various productions (1965 - 73) starring Henry Fonda, Richard Jordan, Holly Turner, Sandy Baron (Co-star of television's "Seinfeld," etc.), Don Fellow, A. Produced by Roy Limbert at the Saville Theatre (London - c. Goldilocks : "The New Musical" by Walter and Jean Kerr. Originally produced (1932) by Dwight Deere Wiman and Tom Weatherly, directed by Howard Lindsay (Husband of Dorothy Stickney) and choreographed by Carl Randall and Barbara Newberry. 1970) starring George Berkeley, Ricky Sullivant, Chris Ponti, etc. Geneva : "A Fancied Page of History" by George Bernard Shaw. Various productions (1923-25) starring Marjorie Rambeau, Wilfred Lytell, George Barbier, Charles Hampden, Winifred Anglin, Helen Blair, Frank Wilcox, etc. Produced by Robert Whitehead at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (NYC - 1959) starring Don Ameche, Elaine Stritch, Russell Nype, Pat Stanley, Nathaniel Frey, Margaret Hamilton (Most famous as "The Wicked Witch of the West" in the film, "The Wizard of Oz"), Martin Wolfson, Rufus Smith, etc. Various productions (1940 - 76) starring Ernest Truex, Jean Dixon, Berton Churchill, Percy Kilbride (Most famous as "Pa Kettle" in the "Ma and Pa Kettle " film series), Dudley Digges, Sidney Lumet (Stage and film director), James Coco, Dody Goodman, Marilyn Cooper, Carol Morley, Jack Fletcher, Peggy Noonan, Judy Sokol, Michael Keith, Carl Low, Jack Betts, Robert Sloat, Joseph Allen, Jr., etc. Ghost On Tiptoe, A : Book by Robert Morley and Rosemary Anne Sisson. Ghosts : "A Family-Drama in Three Acts" by Henrik Ibsen. Produced by Harry Askin at the Century Theatre (St. Girl Behind The Counter, The : "The New Musical Comedy" by Leedham Bantock and Arthur Anderson (Freely adapted and reconstructed by Edgar Smith). Girl Behind The Gun, The : Book and lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. Wodehouse (Founded on "Madam and Her Godson" by Maurice Hennequin and Pierre Veber). Produced by Klaw and Erlanger at The New Amsterdam Theatre (NYC - 1918) starring Ada Meade, Virginia O' Brien, Donald Brian, Frank Doane, John E. Girl Friend, The : "A Musical Comedy" by Herbert Fields (Son of Lew Fields). Lyrics by Lorenz Hart (Rodgers and Hart were portrayed by Tom Drake and Mickey Rooney in the 1948 biopic, "Words and Music"). Produced by Charles Frohman at various theatres (1915) starring Julia Sanderson, Donald Brian, Joseph Cawthorn, William Hobart, Harry Law, etc. Various productions (1893 - 99) starring Frank Lathrop, Arthur Hayden, Odette Tyler, William Morris, Vaughan Glaser, Charley Minter, Maclyn Arbuckle, George Enos, Violet Rand, Alberta Lee, W.

Produced at the Savoy Theatre (London - 1974) starring Robert Morley, William Franklyn, Joyce Carey, Ambrosine Phillpotts, etc. Ghost Train, The : "A Mystery Comedy" by Arnold Ridley. Produced at the University of Florida Constans Theatre (Gainesville, FL - 1984) starring Freddie Jones, Mike King, Karen Hinton, etc. Various productions and adaptations (1914-82) starring Alla Nazimova, Ona Munson, Harry Ellerbee, Chloe Ashcroft, Peggy Ashcroft, Raymond O' Brien, Eva Le Gallienne, Jean Hagen, Liv Ullman, John Neville, Edward Binns, Kevin Spacey, Jane Murray, Mary Shaw, Bessie Hatton, Dorothy Drake, Jane Mandel, Jerry Mayer, Leueen Mac Grath, Shepperd Strudwick, Carrie Nye (Wife of Dick Cavett), Minnie Maddern Fiske ("Mrs. Produced at the New York Theatre as the finale of a vaudeville bill (NYC - 1901) starring May Yohe, Mabel Fenton, Charles Prince, Pat Rooney, etc. and Lee Shubert at various theatres (1909-10) starring Sam Bernard, George W. Songs include: "Oh How That German Could Love," "La Belle Parisienne," "How Can You Toot," etc. Louis - 1913) starring Herbert Corthell, Lucy Weston, Forrest Winant, Mortimer Weldon, Bertram Grasby, Mabel Callahan, Tux Worm, etc. Various productions (1926-28) starring Frank Doane, Pauline Potter, Dorothy Barber, Sam White, Eva Puck, Ethel Arden, Ernest Trimmingham, etc. Songs include: "When We Meet the Mormon," "Florrie the Flapper," "They Didn't Believe Me," "In the Movies," etc.

Gigi : "A Comedy" by Anita Loos (Adapted from Colette's novel). Music by Robert Winterberg and Sigmund Romberg (Portrayed by Jose Ferrer in the 1954 biopic, "Deep in My Heart"). Girl From Kay's, The : "The Farcical Comedy with Music" by Owen Hall. Girl From Maxim's The : "Newest Farce" by George Feydeau. Ferguson, Lewis Baker, Royal Thayer, Wales Winter, Josephine Hall, Blanche Cerf, Florence Otis, etc. Girl From Nantucket, The : "A New Musical Comedy" by Paul Stanford and Harold Sherman (Additional Dialogue by Hy Cooper). Produced by Henry Adrian at the Adelphi Theatre (NYC - 1945) starring Jack Durant (Formerly of the comedy team of "Mitchell and Durant"), Jane Kean (Co-star of television's "The (Color) Honeymooners"), Bob Kennedy, Rapps and Tapps, Marion Niles, Johnny Eager, etc. Girl From Paris, The : "The Latest London Novelty" by George Dance. Various productions (1896 - 1910) starring Charles A. Girl From Tokio, The : "The Laughing Success of the Season" by Frank Tannehill, Jr.

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