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"I was eventually put on a four-month course of strong antibiotics to see if that had any effect." The antibiotics worked for a while and that's when Emma met her partner Florian in 2015."I felt very insecure about my looks and so when we first started dating I was wearing a lot of make-up and would never be without it in front of him," she said."Instead of talking to Florian about it, I simply cancelled dates when I felt my skin was too bad to face him."I was living in a state of near permanent anxiety about what my skin would do next." Fed up with taking different medications Emma started to look for an alternative treatment.The redness got worse and worse and at one point was so painful she found it difficult to apply make-up.That's when she decided to see a dermatologist."After years of battling with my skin I finally went to a dermatologist as I was beginning to face the fact that there was something wrong with my skin and it wasn’t just a passing phase or due to the sun or heat."The first dermatologist I saw diagnosed me with adult acne and prescribed an acne cream. I carried on anyway hoping it was just my skin adjusting to the treatment, but it became so painful I had to stop using it.

If anyone has any experience of doing one of these before, I would appreciate any tips you could pass on to me.

She suffered for eight years and had all but given up on getting rid of it before she discovered Kalme cream, which uses plant extracts from capers that claims to have anti-inflammatory properties.

"My rosacea started very suddenly when I was 20, before that I had near perfect skin," Emma said.

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"I didn’t see results immediately but I had read in the reviews that the products take a bit of time to work, especially if you have been using medicated products for a long time.

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