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18-Mar-2020 01:09

Despite the advances in communication, there are some risks to logging on to your computer.

Here are eight reasons caution is needed when chatting with strangers online.

The show follows the relationships of supposed lovers who have only talked via chat and exposes the lies behind the computer when the "couple" meets in person for the first time.

While many celebrities fall victim to catfishing, like Meri Brown from the popular TLC program "Sister Wives," it can happen to anyone.

It is better to offend chat strangers who actually do need help, than risk your financial stability.

Age Is Just A Number The reason scams and catfishing are so successful online is that you can never really be sure who is who in the digital world.

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Popular internet scams include the "Nigerian Scam" and various fake accounts posing as disaster relief services.Trolls Are Out There The word "troll" is an internet term used to describe someone who goes out of their way to harass, bully, or upset others.