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05-Apr-2020 00:34

Depending on the severity of symptoms, symptomatic treatment can be delayed to clarify the etiology.

Amphetamine-induced psychosis (delusions and hallucinations) can be differentiated from psychotic disorders when symptoms resolve after amphetamines are discontinued.

Absence of first-rank Schneiderian symptoms, including anhedonia, avolition, amotivation, and flat affect, further suggests amphetamine-induced psychosis.

Symptoms of amphetamine use may be indistinguishable from those associated with the cocaine use.

Sleep disturbances appear in a fashion similar to mood disorders.After the delirium subsides, little to no impairment is observed.Delirium is not a condition observed during amphetamine withdrawal.Some individuals experience paranoia during withdrawal as well as during sustained use.

Amphetamine use may elicit or be associated with the recurrence of other psychiatric disorders.Such disorders can also be experienced during the withdrawal period from amphetamines.