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Learn more about network diagram layer and diagram layer definition concepts They contain diagram junctions, edges, and containers that are related to utility network features. Most often, it is displayed in a diagram map as a diagram layer, and that layer renders based on a diagram layer definition.Any newly generated network diagram is temporary by default and flagged in the database to be discarded when its last diagram map view closes.It is very similar to what the network diagram looks when all its diagram containers are collapsed.They are depicted as polygon geometry regardless of the geometry of the related network features they are representing.A start-to-start relationship exists if one activity cannot start until another activity starts.A finish-to-finish relationship exists if the one activity cannot finish until another activity finishes. For example, an organization may subcontract the production of some deliverable from a supplier organization and the delivery of this would represent an external dependency, one that involves some relationship outside of the project and its control. For example, an engineer may only be able to contribute half of his time to a project, although his skills could potentially be used full time.The diagram template contains the definition of the diagram rules and layouts, and the definition of the diagram layer; that is, it holds the configuration properties defining the content (rules and layouts definition) and presentation (diagram layer definition) of network diagrams that will be generated.The following three out-of-the-box diagram templates are installed by default when you create a utility network: As the utility network owner, you can create and configure your own diagram templates and delete those installed by default if desired.

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A diagram layout can also be configured on the diagram template to be automatically executed at diagram generation.For example, a diagram template can be set up for a schematic of primaries and switches, another for a schematic of the internal diagrams of the devices, another for each circuit, another for single lines, and so on.Learn more about network diagram building Learn more about how to manage rules and layouts definition on your templates The diagram layer definition is set up on a diagram template.During network diagram building, the system manages such a graph, called a diagram graph.

Depending on the rules specified on the related diagram template, this diagram graph can change several times, such as after each diagram rule execution, or when diagram features have been removed, or added, or aggregated in the diagram graph.In other words, any relationships between activities need to be identified so that dependent activities can be scheduled to follow those that they are dependent upon.