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However, any idea or knowledge is just in the pages until they are put into motion.

In the next chapter, we are have put together a case study that proves to you in action, what we have tried to explain in words all this while, about how online assessments are used by recruiters and how it helped in revamping their entire hiring strategy.

Reports are generated in online assessment tools almost instantly once a candidate finishes taking up the test.

These reports and their analysis are detailed to the "T" to help you make an informed decision and comes in with some handy features and benefits such as: We now are briefed on what are online assessment platforms.

But some recruiters who believe in perfectionism, still thinks that it is best to have traditional recruitment methods as they give them the opportunity to manually invigilate the whole examination procedure and ensure that the candidates do not undertake any cheating methods.

Cheating prevention techniques are one of the biggest boon brought in by pre-assessment tests.

The aim of biometrics is to provide low-cost and authoritative (i.e.

It is the latest in a history of over-enthusiastic announcements about how stylometrics and other biometrics technologies will vanquish identity theft, academic cheating and other problems.

In essence, Coursera and its Australian fans are asking the wrong questions.

Shuffle question and Shuffle options feature shuffles the order in which questions and options are shown to a candidate, to name a few.

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Talking about cheating prevention leads us to one of the most important features of these tools: Candidate reports and their analysis.

Digital fingerprint recognition has been subverted by using illicitly acquired “copies” of genuine prints, such as the “latex thumb” or even a gelatine lolly.