Non intimidating body language

13-Aug-2020 14:57

You should look at how the other person is holding his or her head and shoulders when they have their hands in their lap.If they are alert, with head held high and shoulders drawn back, think of a Venus Flytrap waiting to strike.This can be a resolute pose, where someone is about to start an important or lengthy task and they are organizing their thoughts, or it can be an angry pose where someone means to put a stop to something.You are more likely to use the Angry Superman stance when you stand in someone’s way, almost as if to suggest to them, “I am invulnerable and you cannot go any further”.The hands-in-lap pose is sometimes used by effective therapists as a disarming mechanism, removing a sense of intimidation from their conversations with patients.But there is a darker side to the hands-in-lap pose.It helps to imagine what the other person’s posture might mean in an extreme situation where they are exaggerating their stance or energy.This is the classic “Superman pose” and it means “I am ready to take action”.

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And remember that: body language tells you more about what a person is than about what they are thinking.

This is always an attempt to overpower your will and break down your resistance.

A romantic partner (or someone who wants to be a romantic partner) wants you to become as fascinated with him or her as he or she is fascinated with you.

This can be a seductive glance, a completely mesmerized fascination, or an angry glare.

In all cases when the other person is staring into your eyes, they are trying to capture your attention and hold it.It has been said that you can have an entire conversation just through body language, although the notion that 97% of our communication is non-verbal is actually a myth.

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