Net dating for disabled

28-Feb-2020 20:36

Dozens of different affiliates promote the niche that serves disabled singles.

It’s one of the particular niches with Dating Factory that has been very successful.

As a matter of full disclosure though these are ALL affiliate powered sites.

It’s important to explain how so many disabled singles have come to join these sites.

I marked the Dating Factory site in bold because I can vouch for the fact that loads or marketing goes into building that database.

That being said, I am no circling back to get more information on the other sites.

Why is it one of the best disabled dating sites around? Whether you are interested in wheelchair dating, deaf dating, paraplegic dating, mentally disabled dating (…) or would like to meet blind singles in your area, our disabled dating site will help you find the perfect match.

We do not own or operate the database and as a matter of full disclosure when members join as a paid member we receive a referral fee.

That being said, before you join I suggest browsing the site and seeing what it has offer.

So while they (the sites) may go by different names your ultimately signing up to be part of the same database when you join any one of the Dating Factory sites for disabled singles.

FYI, it is actually quite commonplace these days that when you join a brand your often becoming part of a much larger network.

So let me make a clear effort at explaining how that works in case you’re not too savvy with how internet marketing works.

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