Maxmiler tyres dating

03-Sep-2020 14:45

The Giti Sport S1 SUV is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4.

Like GT Radial, Giti brand product is subjected to strenuous performance and quality control tes ...

If you have less than this, then the cold pressures are too high.

If you see an increase of more than 6psi, the cold pressures have been set too low.

With too little tyre pressure, the sidewalls will have too much flex which will also add to caravan instability.

There is a simple way, however, to check that the tyre pressures you are running are right for your van.

When you have found somewhere well clear of the highway to pull over, such as a service station, get out your tyre pressure gauge and see what the tyre pressures have risen to with some heat in them.

If you’ve got the 5psi-6psi rise in pressures (for LT tyres), your cold inflation pressure is spot-on.

If the pressures are too high, the chance of puncture damage is increased because the tyre has less ‘give’ in it.For LT (light truck) tyres, there should be a 5-6psi increase.