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brother and sister) become desensitized to any later sexual attraction.

People who experience GSA have supposedly not had this critical period of desensitization together.

We obviously had far more in common than first thought." The brother and sister, 47 and 42, respectively, were separated in 1975, when their parents divorced.

Kemp went with their mother to Edinburgh, and Bentley remained with their father.

“Now I'm scared to go home and find out that Leandro doesn't want me anymore.

I love him so much.”Adriana, a cosmetics saleswoman and divorced mother of three, met the truck driver Leandro when she moved back to her hometown in the state of São Paulo, and they quickly fell in love and moved in together.

Such was the case for Sarah Kemp and George Bentley.

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GSA may also be explained by the “Westermarck” affect — named after sociologist Edward Westermarck — which holds that people living in close domestic proximity during the early years of life are desensitised to sexual attraction later in life.The shock finding emerged last month when Adriana, 39, went searching for her long-lost mother, Maria.