Lantana webcam show

15-Jun-2020 01:24

--- I still need to know what I can do about those white bugs,,,,,,, On Oct 19, 2002, whitebear from Pensacola, FL wrote: I have quite a bit of Lantana growing in my yard in Pensacola, Florida, were a bit 9 and a bit 8, were sort of between zones.

I have found that, in addition to orange and yellow, I also get purple, blue and white speckeles in my blooms (this might be due to the more acidic soil). Like many old world varieties, it needs to be trained and trimmed in order to keep it from taking over but it can be trained into shrubs or trees in warmer zones.

I now water every 3 days and the Lantana is growing like a weed, which is great ,since I planted it as a ground cover to fill in large planters.10x10 and 8x8.

Apparently , Huntington Beach, Calif., is ideal for this plant and I would advise anyone in need of great color and ground cover needs to go with this one. read more On May 23, 2016, Mary Arneson from Minneapolis, MN (Zone 4b) wrote: This lantana has been better for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies than some others I have grown. It overwintered indoors by an east window and even bloomed there (in Minnesota). The plant does require deadheading, both to keep it blooming and to prevent formation of toxic berries.

The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and the County of Palm Beach are not responsible for weather or ocean conditions that may differ from what is seen on the web cameras.

I live in South Texas and my plant did not even last 2 month before something ate it and two others doewn to the ground.

But listen to Professor Julia Morton who was the leading expert in Florida on toxic plants..

Unripe berries have killed children and the foliage has killed livestock.

Also, there are many other colors of Lantana including yellow,purple,pastels,orange and solid red. On Apr 12, 2016, Fly Poison from Rock Hill, SC (Zone 7a) wrote: Lantana behaves well in some regions of the country, in others it's highly invasive.

Simply check to see if either applies before trying to grow.

If you are in a tropical or subtropical climate, cut the blooms before they fruit or you will have prodigious results.