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Kids can be very challenging; some of them appreciate the tricks, but some ask too many questions or are never satisfied. I actually trained in contemporary dance when I was doing my theatre and performing training. I also trained in physical theatre, which is sort of like this fierce, free, crazy movement type of theatre. Yeah, I trained in a lot of different performance types. I think that’s a big part of our relationship as well—being collaborative. Collaborating can be sexy because we have all these ideas and we’re bouncing them off of one another.

I found that a little stressful, so I went back to being a teenager and sleeping in.

Prior to landing in Hollywood, the 30-year-old New Zealand-born actor (who’s also one of our Primetime studs) dominated televisions down under by starring in a variety of hit shows, including the popular Australian soap opera fame) and openly admits to us that he’s jealous of her supreme martial arts skills.

He also admits that he used to be a professional clown. I’m a big fan of the original version of the series that starred Linda Hamilton.

SMALLVILLE actress Kristin Kreuk has broken her silence about her participation in NXIVM - the creepy self-help group, pronounced "Nexium," whose leader has been charged with running a sex-slave cult in upstate New York.

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They are the victims of human trafficking, which is slavery," she said."I left about five years ago," she said, "and had minimal contact with those who were still involved." Mack stayed with the program - and was reportedly with Raniere when he was arrested at his Mexican hideaway this week on sex trafficking.Raniere, 57, ran NXIVM as a self-help organisation for years but later created a secret society within it called DOS in 2015, which former members have described as a 'sex cult'.The New York Post reports that their celebrity status was reportedly used by cult-leader Keith Raniere, 57, to attract members.

However, Kreuk denied that she ever recruited anyone, and said she got out before she saw anything "illegal or nefarious," she tweeted.There’s that unsaid apology that is going on between them because he didn’t save her mother in time because it was too late. I really like the Comme des Garçons—their scents are great.