Keith urban dating niki taylor

15-Mar-2020 16:02

Taylor’s relationship with her first husband ended in divorce, but we don’t want her and Lamar’s relationship to end up just like that.

We hope that the couple reconciles and solves their differences instead of separating.

I jump in," she tells the magazine about the bold decision.

"I kind of like getting married and then getting to know each other; I know that it sounds incredibly strange, but to me, it's a more natural process."Incredibly strange, indeed, but seems to have worked out just fine.

And the divorce is not the only thing that is about to happen.

The couple will fight for the custody of their two kids and it is surely going to create some serious problems for both of them.

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The informant further added that due to their constant arguing, the children are having hard time too.The Australian-American singer was born Keith Lionel Urban on October 26, 1967, as the last son of Marienne and Robert Urban.

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