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Verbs carry bipersonal inflection for subject and object (distinguished by person and number). Orthography In contrast to most Eskimo-Aleut languages in Canada, Greenlandic is written with the Latin alphabet and not with the Inuktitut syllabary.

A special character, "kra" (unicode|Κʻ / ĸ), was used until the spelling reform of 1973 replaced it with the letter q.

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This spelling system, including the use of the letter Kʻ (kra), although abolished in Greenland in 1973, remains in use for the Nunatsiavummiutut dialect of Inuktitut, spoken in the Nunatsiavut region of northeastern Labrador.

This scheme uses an acute accent ( acute ) to indicate vowel gemination ("i.e.", "á", "í", "ú" modern: "aa", "ii", "uu"), a tilde ( ~ ) or a grave accent ( ` ), depending on the author, indicates gemination of the consonant following ("e.g.", "ãt", "ĩt", "ũt" or "àt", "ìt", "ùt", modern: "att", "itt", "utt"), while a circumflex accent ( ^ ) indicates a sequence of a geminated vowel followed by geminated consonant ("e.g.", "ât/ît/ût", modern: "aatt", "iitt", "uutt").

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Phonology The most extensive study of Greenlandic phonology is Jørgen Rischel's "Topics in West Greenlandic Phonology" (1974) [Jørgen Rischel, 1974, "Topics in West Greenlandic Phonology". This alternation is shown in the modern standard orthography by writing /i/ and /u/ as and respectively when occurring before uvulars ( and ).Overview The Greenlandic language is an Eskimo-Aleut language spoken by the people of Greenland.