Is kim possible dating ron stoppable

27-Sep-2020 17:59

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The two quickly hit it off, and began seeing each other in a very public relationship that would go on to last for three years.The couple began to run into trouble when Milian began to hear rumors about Nick with multiple other women.Which Ron took an instant dislike to and began to really review his feelings about things.

Ron didn't really hint that he wanted to date Kim or really girls for that matter. And when the two of them started dating, their friendship and relationship was more developed and really adorable. Please comment below about your thoughts on the subject and thank you for reading.With prom looming and thanks to comments from Bonnie, Kim became concerned about who to take.When the idea of Ron was initially raised, she balked at taking her best friend.When he was confronted about it, he did little to deny it, claiming that being with these girls was both good for his ego and his image.

Kim Possible is pretty much a genius who knows martial arts and always keeps her cool, so her taking charge in a life or death scenario makes sense, especially when her cohort is somewhat as dimwitted as Ron Stoppable.

Kim tells Ron not to obsess about Bonnie's comment, but of course he does.

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