Is donnie klang dating aubrey

06-Nov-2020 17:15

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I blurted out the last question, which, in my opinion, was a garbled mess about being on Twitter and about the time she called her followers.Thank God she understood what the hell I was talking about.So I added Aubrey to my friends (people I follow) list.Her tweets are generally fun — this-is-what-I’m-up-to with an occasional question or two to engage her followers. But I could have thought of better, less intrusive ways of getting attention, ways that were more controlled and would leave her less vulnerable to fans or detractors.

A wonderful group, of funny, thoughtful and thought-provoking individuals. I detest faux sincerity and remorse especially the kind celebrities and politicians dispense when caught speaking their mind.Aubrey seems to know how to stand above the rest, to get her name out there (with a Playboy spread/cover, some red carpet “missteps” and questionable affiliations) — playing the fame game to maximum benefit, if not yet maximum profit.Donald Joseph Klang (born January 23, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter, producer and model.

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He won Making the Band 4 and was awarded his own solo contract by Diddy.It was while watching a basketball game (Aubrey is a big Boston Celtics fan) that Aubrey came up with the idea. My ignorant and self-righteous self has come to realize that Aubrey who I was when I was young…I mean to say, “younger”.