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09-Jul-2020 19:24

In today’s environment of consistent innovation, firmware updates are a way to keep our devices up-to-date and running efficiently.Bug fixes, user interface improvements, security fixes, and feature enhancements consistently roll out to just about any device that is connected to the internet, and Grandstream’s line of communication and networking solutions are no different.Every device you purchase from that distributor can then be added to that account via its MAC address, and upon booting up they will connect to GAPS, which will check that MAC address and configure themselves based on the profile you created on that account. Once GAPS is used the first time for a device it isn’t used again? The new device configures itself via the GAPS server upon booting based on the profile that the reseller made.This includes changing the earlier mentioned firmware path to Grandstream’s firmware server or a local firmware server. Last question about GAPS for clarification, is this run through our distributor channel partners? If a reseller wants to use GAPS, they will need to contact their distributor on that matter.Brian: Abdel, lets jump over now to some common mistakes that can complicate the firmware update process.What are some typical errors on the part of the user that you see happen?Another key thing to mention is that Grandstream’s UCM IP PBX can be used as this type of local firmware server by using the zero configuration feature supported by the UCM and certain Grandstream devices.Brian: I see, so the UCM series can also be utilized as a complete firmware and configuration server for all Grandstream devices?

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Reading the notes is the most important thing to do prior to deciding to update the firmware of all your devices.I sat down with Senior Support Engineer and Training Expert, Abdel Jaibar, to talk about how to effectively implement Grandstream firmware updates and the importance of keeping your devices up-to-date.