Gemma dating in the dark keep dating wrong guys

09-Apr-2020 12:56

gemma dating in the dark-32

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It's not easy being a mum for anyone."Dolly-Rose admitted that she's on the fence when it comes to whether Gemma and Chesney should get back together.

She said: "I'm not sure – them living together has led to quite an unhappy environment, which wouldn't be the best thing for a baby, so maybe it would be more interesting to see them working together as friends.

I definitely have friends who have felt under similar pressures to what Hannah is going through. The doctor, who is played by a real life specialist in reproductive medicine Dr.

Ippokratis Sarris, truthfully tells Hannah how low the success rates really are for the procedure.

Gemma Chan is more than aware of the most irritating questions a woman can be asked. However, she’s unable to shake the feeling that she’s not sure monogamy, or the 2.4 family life expected of her, is something she wants at all.

”Thirty-something Hannah is successful in her career, getting out there in the dating world but going on ever-increasingly horrible dates, chided by a mum who might as well be whispering “tick tock” in her ear.

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gemma dating in the dark-32

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She drew on the experiences of herself and her friends when creating the character of Hannah: “I think a lot of the stuff that comes up in this comes up a lot in discussions I’ve had with my girlfriends, my mum, my sister.

It was unpredictable, you knew the end point was that it wasn’t going to work out, but you didn’t know how it was going to get there.”On the second date, the man she’s been chatting to at the bar suddenly launches at her when the pair are in a dark corridor by the toilets: “We did have to plan that, as we had to make sure it was safe.

We knew he was going to do something physically to put Hannah off.

star Dolly-Rose Campbell has revealed that Gemma Winter will hide her baby news from Chesney Brown.

Next week's episodes see Gemma discover that she's pregnant, but the revelation comes after Chesney (Sam Aston) has already ended their relationship.

She wants him to want to be with her for her."She's looking to the future on her own.