Free local web cams no bs

12-Oct-2020 11:45

Outdoor cameras need to be able to withstand the harsh weather that may be coming at it while indoor cameras are smaller, lightweight, and less intrusive.Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor camera in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Nest or Amcrest.If you’re looking for a complete DIY smart home then the Nest Cam Indoor is the choice.On top of programmability, the actual hardware and functionality of the product are top-tier.While the functionality and features don’t go quite as far as the Nest suite, Amcrest probably has the best camera if you’re just looking for a standalone product.If you’re going to buy the Amcrest outdoor camera, you may as well use their indoor one too.Most rooms will still be able to be captured with a 90° viewing angle but sometimes it’s nice to not even have to worry about it when setting up a camera.

This is the main reason besides a few ease-of-use points that make the Amcrest Pro HD come in second behind the Nest Cam Indoor.

The Nest Cam indoor has a viewing angle of 130° diagonal to ensure a whole room can be encompassed.