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Not knowing if she lived at the college, or at home, I did not know what time she would be online, or if she would have others around her and reading what was being said.

At about 7pm I saw her come online, so I sent her a basic "Hello" and waited for a reply.

As the lesson finished and they were all leaving I grabbed my phone and punched in her number, and then stood back and waited to see if she answered her phone. "Wei," (a Chinese way of answering the phone) she said."Hello my little nymph, did you mean what you said last night? Suddenly she spun around and looked back at me, and then gave me a wicked grin and a wink, before talking back into the phone and saying, "That depends on if you want me to mean it or not."She then gave me her "QQ" number, which is another chat program like MSN, Yahoo, etc., and said she would chat with me on line that night.

I could not wait to see where this was going to lead me.

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You have to, it is the only way you can try and remember their names.

You look at them and try and remember the slight differences.

She has big eyes; he has a funny nose; she has bad acne; he is fat, or tall, or short, she has a hot arse, hmmm, her tits are nice when she bends over like that, etc., etc., it is the only way I had to recognize the different students, to tell one from another and thus make them feel that I knew them and did in fact like them.

The night she left I received a text message, which had a few simple words. " Thinking it was my wife I sent back a reply saying; "Yes, I so much want you in bed beside me."She sent a few more messages saying how she wished she could be with me also as she was feeling a great need for me to be with her. It was not my wife's number and I did not know who it was from.

This made me happy that she missed me and I was looking forward to seeing her again at the end of the week. I sent another message asking who she was, but she just sent back a "smiley face" and said that I would have to decide who she was as she would not tell me.The next class I did the same, and this time I got it right, on the third and forth questions she gave the same answers as the night before.