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20-May-2020 00:32

Well, that stunt was part of a marketing campaign to promote the 2012 movie Chronicle .

The images of the "flying people," which were actually human-shaped RC planes, went viral and were reported on news outlets like the Today Show, Bloomberg News, Los Angeles Times, and more.

These interactions allow the comic to showcase the wit, warmth, and vulnerability that have become his trademark to its fullest extent.

In between these hilarious first date segments, Barr offers his own testimony on what it’s like to be young, gay, single, and looking for love.

Each full-on laugh and bit of slapstick is punctuated brilliantly with a genuinely heartwarming story about being both eager and thus far unable to find, as he puts it, ‘the one’.

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Each week Barr and fellow co-host Dan Hudson tackle LGBT issues from both their perspectives – one of them being gay and the other, to use the pairing’s own phrase, being nongay.

Since its midnight premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the classic horror film marketed itself as a true story made up of found footage.