Facetime cam girls

11-Jul-2020 16:35

“It’s about personality and attitude, but this isn’t about bearing your breasts—it’s about being a fantasy girlfriend, the sort of girl these guys would want to go out for a beer with.

There’s an emotional investment you just don’t get if you’re tapping out messages on a keyboard.” Chris says that the girls take the majority cut from each of their calls, and it must be beneficial that the marketing and advertising that sustains the site and app all comes out of his own pocket.

“Sites like [Saucy Time] would take a cut,” she explains, “which is why more girls are doing it with their fans directly. Someone will see you on TV or online, then they either tweet you and message you, or ask for your email address to arrange.” Another reason to keep negotiations private is to avoid skinflint users trying to barter for their cyber-shows.

In fact, there’s only one established Face Time service for cam-girls online—Saucy Time, a downloadable web app for i Phone and i Pad.

“I’ll take my pants off and you can see the triangle at the front, but not any fanny.

Other girls do more, but it’s just what you’re comfortable with.

“There’s a part of my Xtreme Playpen site called VIP, where we put all the girls’ DIY stuff and men pay to see it,” she said.

“I find that the unprofessional photos go down much better than the professional ones. Guys like that idea that she’s alone in her bedroom, filming it on her phone herself.” Like user-generated porn, however, Face Time has its downsides.

Its founder, Chris Jeffrey, told me he was surprised that there wasn’t more competition, considering they have upwards of 50,000 registered members for just 40 girls, most of whom are ex-glamour models.