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19-Jul-2020 02:05

SUNDAY PHOTOGRAPHY - if taking pictures is your thing, we'd love for people to come and take pictures at the event and capture some of the magic.You don't have to be a professional paparazzi with expensive camera gear - as you long as you bring enthusiasm, and can spare a few hours of your time, we'd really appreciate your help.They filter waste from about 200 liters of fluid per day in your body.(Almost all of the fluid is reabsorbed into your body.He’ll also want you to get up and start moving around shortly afterward.As with any operation, there are possible aftereffects, like pain and infection.You can donate a kidney to a family member or friend who needs one. Doctors call this a “nondirected” donation, in which case you might decide to meet the person you donate to, or choose to stay anonymous.Either way, doctors will give your kidney to the person who needs it most and is the best match.

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SATURDAY SIGN MAKING - we're getting arts and crafty on Saturday afternoon, making signs that will decorate the festival and lead people to the many amazing performers and event partners.

The waste and extra water become urine.) Your kidneys release hormones that control blood pressure. When they don’t work, you need treatment to stay healthy. If someone you know or love needs a kidney, you might have thought about giving them one of yours.

Here are answers to common questions about this big decision.

When you only have one kidney, there's a greater chance of long-term issues like high blood pressure.

Talk to your doctor about the possible problems you might face.It’s a celebration of young people, giving them a voice, a place to be heard and a platform to express themselves. We need your help to make sure the message reaches as many people as possible! ) about what's happening this weekend: Link to the website: Spread the word on Instagram: https:// Link to the event page to RVSP: https://