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" I thought, "It's not very heavy, the rest of record is on the heavy side," and he was like, "This is one of the heaviest songs you've ever written, just in a completely different way." You're calling this your most aggressive album ever.There's this idea that punks grow up and calm down.But I was playing everything for my manager and I said, "I got this other song, it's not a Sum 41 song.I want to know what you think I should do with it." When it finished, he was like, "Why would this not be a Sum 41 song?After the first record, we started doing our own thing.It's gotten into darker, heavier music and lyrics since then.

You've said that "the last thing you wanted to do was write a protest record." Why was that?

The band traded parties and homework for subjects like the Iraq war, AIDS and general despondency about the world starting with 2002's Deryck Whibley is 39 years old now. He was 26 became one of pop-punk's most visible frontmen by marrying Avril Lavigne, and 29 when the three-year emo power couple marriage ended.

He was was 34 when he very publicly hit rock bottom with alcohol, and 36 when he recorded his first album sober, was inspired by Whibley's horror at watching the global conservative red tide from his hotel rooms on tour.

We came up in a scene of bands talking about those topics, I don't know if we ever did. But from our second record, , the first single off that record was "Still Waiting," a song about the Iraq War and George Bush.

Our second single off that record was "The Hell Song" which is about a friend of ours who found out they had HIV.

The question of how pop-punk — coming-of-age music — can ever grow up plagues every new release by a scene veteran.