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i cant say for sure she had a personality disorder or not but the signs were certainly there. any type of personality disorder where the person has literally no ability to feel any empathy or sympathy is scary though.

This is kind of like what you have to do when it comes to these women.and you eventually, once you can't live up to the perfect man she thought could rescue you from her horrible dark life - always complaining about little aches and pains- my back hurts, my head hurts, etc.- all of her exes are *******s or abusive, she's had numerous burnout relationships but the breakup NEVER had anything to do with her Roll Eyes - can't hold down jobs ...usually it's their boss was trying to get in their pants or some bull**** - likes pain from tattoos,piercings in weird places, kinky sex, etc - rebound relationships- there is always another guy and her bed never gets cold. Sometimes just goes cold overnight - extremely sensitive, starts crying over bull****..flips out when you don't text her back in time really scared of abandonment - poor relationship with her mother or an abusive mother - they see ghosts, believe in magic, etc - usually have some sort of music running through their head *always pick 4 crew* *conservative crew* *son or coathanger crew* *women shouldn't be allowed to vote crew* *always tells the truth even if it hurts crew* Some people cry and some people die by the wicked ways of love But I'll just keep on rolling along with the grace of the Lord above No empathy, no feeling, empty at the core of their personality/soul Manipulative, lying, triangulates relationships Makes you feel like the king n then devalues you, causes you to wonder where that person went that you knew aka "splitting" A lot a girls do it several times in the initial few days/weeks to see how far you will go; they do it even to the handsome guys they are interested in.To experience what appears to be intense passion and emotion which can quickly switch to complete callous disregard is not a pleasant way to have a relationship.

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If I knew what I was dealing with sooner i would have walked away way before I did.If I knew what I was dealing with sooner i would have walked away way before I did. I entered the relationship a confident guy and left the relationship a shell of a man that I was.

They are working to determine if they are compatible enough for marriage.… continue reading »

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The concept of being in dating is one that has faced a lot of controversy over the years. When we claim that someone is nice, it doesn’t translate to kind or generous, it often means they’re weak, and reserved.… continue reading »

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