Dating wedgwood jewellery

03-Mar-2020 09:00

1805, may be the date that the design was first registered, and may have either 2nd Feb or Feb 2 included in the date stamp. This mark is found upon the underside of bone china or porcelain that has been made between 18.These marks, of varying size, can be found on high quality products that were produced during a short period of time following the 1840’s.

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The marks were either impressed or raised from the body, with the impressed versions being the rarest form of these marks. These marks were the more simplistic marks that were impressed on decorative pieces produced during the Wedgwood and Bentley partnership.Majolica-makers’ marks are sure way to identify a manufacturer. Marked majolica is generally indicative of quality. Or written in script over the glaze, or ‘in reserve’.Click here for a selection of marked George Jones pieces. Here is a G Jones jug which has Robert Cluett, in his book ‘George Jones Ceramics 1861- ‘, page 271, lists this pattern number seen on a small bowl “3368 – Small bowl, bark pattern, with small pink flowers and green leaves. Probably part of tea or dessert service” Pattern name ‘Alocasia Jeningsii’ (Dwarf Elephant Ear) GJ monogram, impressed, a mark used 1861-73 Black script four digit pattern number 3443 ‘in reserve’ and the familiar diamond shape British Registry Office mark, impressed., ‘Also known as the ‘British Registry Lozenge’ or the ‘British Pattern Registration Diamond’ mark, when present and legible, tells us the date the pattern was registered.

The registration procedure was set up in 1842 to combat plagiarism, making it illegal to copy that pattern for a period of three years.

The mark used on their decorative collections would be changed to the same as their useful wares collections.

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