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In between films, she also filmed Viirusevastane (2012), directed by David's son Brandon Cronenberg.

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As the clones close in, Vos must choose-stay and fight, or run and put those he loves in danger of the newborn Empire's wrath?Ed has made a huge mistake with his enormous fortune. Sebastian Wroth is the tortured, self-loathing vampire who falls in deep, pining love with Kaderin the Cold Hearted — a ballsy, badass Fey who, wait for it, Mac Kayla Lane hops on over to Ireland to find her missing sister and ends up in a shocking paranormal world unlike anything she’s ever imagined, with a power she didn’t even know she had: to see into the realm of the Fae. You’re cold and distant, tight lipped about that devastating history. That his expectations for her are higher than they are for anyone?Jess is a single parent struggling to get her precocious math genius to Scotland for a competition. Good thing Jericho Barrons — honest to God the hottest paranormal hero we’ve ever read—is around to alternately guide Mac and drive her absolutely insane. As far as swoony, tortured YA heroes go, Four is hard to beat. So seeing Josh’s true feelings come out is so satisfying, it’s better than cake. What is delicious is that Penelope’s stable strength allows Michael’s personal redemption — much more interesting and satisfying than his professional one.

He is a Grade A asshole for much of the beginning, but when coming to terms with his own emotional vulnerability and need for Penelope, unsurprisingly he becomes a much better man. If you are one of the 12 romance fans who was not weaned on Anne of Green Gables, then get thee to a library or bookstore.

At the end of this issue, the necklace a Wookiee is dangling above a young Korto Vos was based upon a necklace Doug Wangler, the model for Quinlan Vos, wears in real life.