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23-Oct-2020 14:49

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When our first date came around, I desperately wanted to hold her hand during our movie, over lunch, and on the walk back to her apartment that night.

I knew that dating her, committing to her would defy all of the things I thought I knew about myself.

We were, after all, two women from two different cultures, and in a same-sex relationship.

We tried to arm ourselves with the tools we thought we’d need to effectively combat the naysayers: the family and friends who didn’t quite understand us or our sexuality or why we would want to be together.

But it was delicious and different and just right, so perfectly us.

Since that morning, our meals, much like our family has become beautifully blended: curry and collard greens, biscuits and rotti!

Both our families struggled to understand that our sexuality was rooted in our identity and ultimately in our right to love one another.

We just simply listened to the stories; the coming out stories, the battles fought and won, the love we wanted from others, the family conflicts, and the deep desires.

It was in writing that we could see each other beyond appearances and into each other’s hearts.

And when we decided to exclusively date one another at the age of twenty-five, I knew I wanted to be with her — forever.

I would learn very quickly what this meant for our respective families, in particular, for our mothers.In my graduating class, there were four people of color: me, my cousin Natasha, and two other people. I found myself in love with someone unfamiliar, whose world was vastly different than my own, and who fell outside of the cultural safety zone I knew so well.

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