Dating preparation for divorce and consolidating

20-Jul-2020 13:42

Keep in mind that if neither of you lives in California, the court may not be able to make orders about other issues like property and debt, partner support, or your children.

If this is your situation, talk to a lawyer with experience in same-sex marriage laws. If you want to end a domestic partnership registered in California, either through a divorce or a legal separation, neither you nor your partner needs to live in California.

EXCEPTION: Same-sex married couples who got married in California but do not live in California and live in a state (or states) that will not dissolve a same-sex marriage, can file to end their same-sex marriage in California, regardless of these residency requirements.

You must file in whichever county you were married.

Make sure you read the basics of divorce or separation so that you know whether you want to file for divorce, legal separation, or annulment.

If you want to file for divorce, also make sure you do not qualify for a summary dissolution, which is a simpler procedure. Once you know that you are ready to file for divorce or legal separation and do not qualify for a summary dissolution, the rest of this section will help you with the steps required to get your case started.

The Completing Your Divorce or Legal Separation section will show you how to do that.

Strategic reasons not to date before divorce Emotions are raw during a divorce.

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