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18-Jun-2020 06:29

There's absolutely no need to have a car, because Torontonians that operate a vehicle during rush hour spend more time in traffic than making dinner.TTC, speed walking or worst case scenario Uber is the way to go in Toronto. Dating is important but some Torontonians just don't have time to date (hence point #3.) You'll usually find this career oriented person living in Liberty Village... Don't be surprised if the person you're sleeping with or dating, is a gym addict, follows a strict gluten-free diet or is a yoga instructor at Yoga Space.I’ve been assured by single friends in their 20s and 30s that King Taps and/or Cactus Club Café are goldmines if you’re looking to meet someone for a hit-it and quit-it situation.Or, sometimes, to even kick off a full-fledged love affair.For a long time this city was under the radar, but Drake has kind of changed all that.

Are you not familiar with the consequences of dating a person from Toronto?Whether you're together at a nightclub or walking down Queen Street, other Torontonians will check out the person by your side.