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View an illustration of several of the articles an ancient Egyptian might wear.

You'll see that ancient Egyptian clothing for women includes the open footwear or sandals popular in the ancient Mediterranean, the linen skirts, and aprons.

Matrons could be defined as those with the right to wear the stola. Most of the work of making clothing was done by the carders/spinners/dyers/weavers and the people who cleaned the garments.

Most people wore a tunic—a tunica in Rome and chiton in Greece. Sometimes and in some garments, folding the garment into elaborate pleats made it less than simple, but as far as sewing goes, it was non-existent or minimal.

Such fabric lent itself to the basic garments, tunics, and shawls.

Women also decorated their material with patterns and embroidery.

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Poor women might sell the end results of their spinning and weaving.

In the ancient world, making cloth for garments was one of the principal occupations of women.

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