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Once upon a time, there was a woman traveler named Jojo.Jojo was a single woman who had been around the world a few times but always looking for her next adventure.Jojo went to the bush to find a toilet and when she returned, Alex, Heidi, and Getu had devised a plan – Jojo would stay in Arba Minch and ride around with Getu as he drove van for the next few days – this would allow him to work and her to spend more time with him.

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The next day, Jojo and Heidi met Alex at the appointed time and got in a huge van with a driver named Getu.Later that afternoon, Getu had to pick up some laundry so he took Jojo to his family home.He introduced Jojo to his mother and explained that his father was on a business trip to Addis Ababa.Getu and Jojo met with Heidi and Alex for their last night.

There were lots of tears that night – Jojo said goodbye to Heidi with hopes they would meet again.As they walked quietly down the middle of the wide main street, Getu took Jojo’s hand. They walked a bit farther and turned around to see if Alex and Heidi were going to join them when Getu leaned over and gave Jojo a kiss. Another is that he had a girlfriend for 3 years, but she had been living in Italy and was not moving back to Ethiopia so he said that they were breaking up.