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25-Feb-2020 19:58

Since Epiphone became Gibson’s budget brand in 1986, you may ask what the main difference is between the two.Country of origin is certainly the number one difference.It also became apparent to me that many people don’t really know the difference between Gibson and Epiphone, or how the two fit together.

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Though Epiphone was set up as an autonomous company in a separate part of the Gibson complex, parallel product lines were soon established, and Gibson was essentially competing with itself.Epiphone was another successful guitar manufacturer during the first half of the 20th century.But after the hardships of World War II, illnesses and death in the Epiphone family, and severe labor issues at the Epiphone factory in the ’50s, the company found themselves falling behind.Today, it’s no secret that almost every major guitar manufacturer is building in or at least offering guitars for sale that are built in Asia.

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With the average price-point of an electric guitar dropping to 7 in 2010, it is simply a way for guitar manufacturers to remain competitive in the 21st-century business landscape.” It’s a good question and here’s the answer, according to Dr.