Dating a poor girlfirend

29-Aug-2020 23:03

I often starved and missed out on fun trips and felt like a leech off my friends all the time for this. Anyways after i got my BA and one semester of MA i got a good job that paid enough to get my own apartment and pay for all my own stuff. Things like stop paying for her car suddenly, or re-negging on a trip that they offered to pay for and she booked, and was suddenly on the hook for the cost.It was certainly toxic from their end, and she kept falling for it each time.However in her 20s once she was out of college and employed, she didn't their money, so anything that was offered with strings attached (or had the potential to do that), she could just decline.They learned pretty quickly that manipulation via finances isn't a good way to foster a relationship with your daughter in her 20s. For unrelated reasons they got divorced, and her relationship is still very strained with her same thing happened to me, my mom used her money as leverage on me all my life, i was always scared to ask for money cause she'd use it against me at some point later, so I never did.This is probably gonna get buried but I’ve always wanted to write it out I was never sure how rich she was.I just knew her family had property in a couple places in the US and China.

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For me, money was tight and the best way to stretch my college scholarship money was to cook meals in bulk.

Most things were either hand made or were very thoughtful for example shoes I’d been eying for months but couldn’t afford and she noticed them my computer browser. But her parents didn't care and we're always very welcoming. I guess it's true when they say cash screams and wealth whispers. I lived for a time in a resort town with a mix of billionaires vacationing at their 3rd or 4th vacation home, handful of celebrities raising their kids "low key" to people like me that lived out of my car or shared rent to sleep on a laundry room floor.