Dating a bach trumpet

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were not written all at once, nor for the same ensemble. 1, 3, and 6 may have been written much earlier than the others, perhaps dating from Bach’s Weimar period (1708-1717), while 2, 4, and 5 most likely came from Cöthen.

Bach later put the six concertos together and dedicated them to the margrave of Brandenburg, hoping to get a new job out of it.

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My one complaint about Bach 37's has always been that they feel tight to me in the high register. And if you can play above high C, be aware of the intonation. With good light, you might be able to see into the 1st valve slide too. -John If only there was a mystical way to determine if on that day and that hour those workers did a good job of assembly and detail work... and if when it was assembled the horn blew well and freely and in tune and resonated well.Don't base your decision on that scale alone, but it could help you decide. When you pull them out a half inch and let go, do they pop back to position, or close to it? Can you see evidence of corrosion anywhere inside the tubing?You might also find that certain valve combinations are always a bit out, no matter which notes. This is hard to see, but you might be able to get some clues looking into the leadpipe, especially at the mouthpiece end.There are three points I’d like to make about these two themes.

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Because of these three ideas, Bach creates an unusually tight, uniform movement, making it difficult for the listener sometimes to distinguish between the “solo” passages and the ripieno. Whereas in the previous movement, we could sometimes not distinguish between the , is scored for three soloists plus continuo. if you can't tell, like I can't, don't waste your money.